Critical healthcare funding for our community’s most vulnerable members

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Get to Know The Cecilia Fund

Santa Barbara's Second Oldest Charity; Founded in 1891

Our sole purpose is to help low-income residents of Santa Barbara County pay for critical medical or dental bills—we pay the provider directly. And because of our relationships with healthcare providers, we are often able to negotiate significant discounts.
We have always been an all-volunteer organization comprised of a working board.
We have no paid staff and minimal overhead.

How We Work

Referrals for help come to us through social workers, healthcare providers, and medical and dental providers throughout Santa Barbara County, such as the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care, Catholic Charities, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, CenCal Heath, Guadalupe Free Clinic, and the Independent Living Resource Center.

We fund a full range of critical medical and dental needs, including emergency care, medications, and medical equipment.

Who We Help

They are often people we know or meet in our lives. They are barely getting by and then an illness or accident leaves them with nowhere else to turn. They are working individuals and families, the senior living on social security; they are young and they are old.

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