We Couldn't Do What We Do Without Our Trusted Community Partners

“We have come to accept the fact that many of our health expenses today are not fully covered by health insurance.  The costs of care in this country are now so high that our premiums simply can’t buy as much security as we would like.  As a result of the Affordable Care Act, fewer of our patients are uninsured; however, increasingly, our patients are under-insured. As a result, we are increasingly dependent on organizations like The Cecilia Fund to help fill in the gaps. We consider them to be our partners and it’s been that way for 30 years now.”

Fred Kass, MD
Ridley-Tree Cancer Center at Sansum Clinic

“When patients are financially unable to afford the cost of their medical care, we have turned to The Cecilia Fund to ask for assistance on behalf of our patients. They have been unfailingly generous in providing financial support to patients of the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara and we are deeply grateful.”

 Lynn Humphrey
Administrator (retired)
Cancer Center of Santa Barbara
with Sansum Clinic

“I want to thank you for honoring me at the Annual Tea (2019). It is amazing to think that I have been an instrument of your goodness for over 35 years.”

Mary Solis, MSW, LCSW
Ridley-Tree Cancer Center at Sansum Clinic

"The Cecilia Fund has helped the patients of the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Dental Clinics for many years. When people are in dire straits, no insurance covers the treatment, no private funds are available and no hope remains, the Cecilia Fund steps into the picture and allows patients to receive the high quality dental care they deserve.  This is an exemplary humanitarian organization which helps people with great medical needs and their work is vital for the fabric of our community. I am incredibly impressed with the benevolence shown by this group to our patients."

Domenic M. Caluori, DMD
Chief Dental Officer; Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics
(pictured left, speaking at our 125th Anniversary Tea & Membership Meeting)

“The Cecilia Fund is one of Santa Barbara’s most venerable non-profits and has supported people in need for decades with a caring approach and a human touch!”

Joanne Rapp

"Women’s Fund members value the The Cecilia Fund because— like the Women’s Fund—it is an all-volunteer organization that conducts rigorous research to identify critical needs and then directs all of their resources to addressing those needs."

Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara

"The Cecilia Fund helped a woman who was in terrible pain and never smiled because of gum disease and missing teeth. She was abandoned by her husband and had no other relatives in the community. We searched everywhere for help for her. The Cecilia Fund paid for her treatment at the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics where she received a new set of teeth and her life back! What an amazing resource in our community."

Fran Forman
Executive Director - Community Action Commission

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